Do you ONLY serve pie?

Yes, we only serve pie. BUT we have sweet AND savory pie. You can come in for lunch, dinner, or just a dessert slice. We also have a full espresso bar and free wifi.

Is this just a take out place?

No, we have dining rooms! Please, come in, sit down, and enjoy our pie & coffee atmosphere. We also have picnic tables outside.

Is there parking?

Yes, we have a small lot in front, as well as a small lot in back. If none of those options are available, you may park on the street alongside the park (just make sure you are out of the road and inside the white lines please).

Do you have Gluten Free options?

Yes, we have 2 savory pies that are served daily that are gluten free: Shepherds Pie & Frito Chili Pie. These are personal size pies, but the Shepherd’s Pie is available in a family size, take & bake pie as well! We also make Gluten Free Dessert Pies, made to order. For a personal size, we can have that ready in less than 15 minutes. For a full size pie, we need a day’s notice.

Can I buy a whole pie?

Yes! We have very few whole pies on hand, but if you place your order the day before, we can absolutely have something ready for you. And the best part? It’s baked fresh, to order! NO FROZEN/PRE BAKED pies here!!!

Why is it called The Loving Pie Company? Do you guys just love pie that much?

Yes, we love pie. Who doesn’t?! But also, the Executive Chef/Owner’s last name is Loving. Pretty cool, huh?

If I order a take and bake pie, can I put it in the microwave?

If the pie is served in an aluminum foil pan, you cannot successfully heat it in the microwave. We suggest preheating your oven to 375, then heating your pie to the appropriate temperature.

Why can't I order Rhubarb pies year round?

We pride ourselves on using as many fresh, local, seasonal products as possible. Fresh Rhubarb is only around from May – July. Sometimes we are able to freeze some ourselves, but that stock goes fast. You should absolutely check back when rhubarb is in season!

What are your hours?

We are open Tuesday -Friday from 10a-8pm and on Saturday 10am-3pm. The kitchen closes an hour before the coffee bar/dining rooms! We are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Sometimes we close for special events. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for those updates! 

What's your physical address?

2806 Columbine Place, Nashville TN 37204

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